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Dr. Kimberly Tejada (PSB 94026579)

  • Adult Individual Therapy

  • Adolescent Individual Therapy

*Please note: Dr. Tejada is currently not accepting new patients and out of the office on an extended medical leave.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Patterson at

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Dr. Tejada earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology (PhD) at Fuller where she also earned dual master’s degrees—an MA in Psychology and a second MA in Christian Theology (which uniquely equips her to offer faith-based treatment if/as indicated).


Dr. Tejada has practiced therapy and/or offered clinical and neuropsychological testing continuously for over a decade in diverse inpatient and outpatient settings. In 2020-2021, Dr. Tejada completed a highly esteemed, APA-accredited internship at Sharp Healthcare’s Mesa Vista and McDonald Center hospitals here in San Diego. As a doctoral intern with Sharp, she primarily provided individual, milieu, and group therapy to acute-care patients across the lifespan with wide-ranging diagnostic needs.


Dr. Tejada specializes in utilizing evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral treatments (CBT orientation) and gravitates towards counseling adolescents, college students, and adults who are navigating depression, anxiety, loss, relationship/intimacy challenges, posttraumatic stress, childhood trauma, and family/life transitions. Dr. Tejada works closely with patients wanting to address infertility, pregnancy loss, and the postpartum transition. Via a warm and empathic approach that is informed by the latest science, Dr. Tejada is passionate about equipping clients with coping strategies and resources for building resiliency.


Dr. Tejada completed her doctoral dissertation with a focus on the emotion regulation skill of (post-conflict) affective perspective-taking. Her grant-funded research investigated adolescents’ (peer and parental) conflicts and emotional recovery via their engagement on a novel smartphone app designed to promote character strengths. Dr. Tejada’s broader areas of research interests and expertise include virtue strengths such as gratitude.


In her personal time, Dr. Tejada enjoys the chaos and beauty of raising a young family with her husband and passing quality time with her extended family when possible. She is passionate about staying active—both physically and through community service. Dr. Tejada is also sister to a brother who navigates total blindness and cognitive challenges as a brain cancer survivor. That journey (during which she also functioned as a caregiver for many years) catalyzed deep empathy for families on similar journeys and advocacy for people with dis- (or different) abilities.


While she is outcome-driven, Dr. Tejada’s work is patient-centered and relationally based. She makes every effort to provide patients with unconditional positive regard and key foundations to foster meaningful growth.



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