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Our Services

The IPSC Team uses an eclectic, empirically based approach in therapy, maintaining a solution/person-focused rather than a symptom-focused approach, treating each person's issues within the context of the current circumstances. Insight Psychological Services Center proudly serves San Diego County and the surrounding communities.


Individual Therapy for Adults


Our society is under an unprecedented amount of stress and strain. Financial, employment, and safety concerns are higher than they have ever been. If you are at a crossroad in your life, struggling to make decisions or make personal changes, the IPSC Team provides individual therapies to all age groups. The IPSC doctors offer effective strategies and tools for coping with the increasingly complex world in which we live. The doctors at IPSC assists adults with the increased social, organizational, and academic demands that are part of becoming an adult. It can be difficult during transitions to college or when entering the work force. Life stressors often require the support of a caring professional to face conflicting emotions in order to return to a state of emotional wellness.   



Individual Therapy for Teens and Children


Are your family relationships stressed? You may be getting telephone calls from your child's school. Does your child have difficulty controlling his/her emotions, appear sad, or get angry easily?  Children don’t come with instructions, just as we aren’t provided with a life manual. With the advancement of our society have come new demands on families, children and young adults, as well as the generational effects of longer lifespans.



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