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Michelle Terazawa (ACSW 111006)

  • Adult Individual Therapy

  • Adolescent Individual Therapy

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Michelle Terazawa is an Associate Clinical Social Worker, ASW 111006, specializing in compassionate care and treatment of adults, children, and adolescents using a hybrid model of evidence-based practices and therapeutic modalities. She is the newest member of the team at IPSC since 2023. Michelle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Michigan State University and her Master of Social Work degree from Boston University.  


Through a variety of clinical experiences and dynamic interdisciplinary care over the span of nine years, Michelle has worked alongside diverse family constellations and truly unique individuals such as survivors of torture and human trafficking. She has worked at different levels of care: both inpatient and outpatient settings, hospitals, group homes, residential treatment centers, and domestic violence shelters. Her clinical background encompasses severe and persistent mental health presentations and dual diagnosis including co-occurring substance use disorders and victim related populations negatively impacted by the complexity of acute and chronic trauma(s).


Michelle’s journey as a social worker started with an innate desire to connect with people from all walks of life. Her feminist lens, which is rooted in her graduate studies in gender, equity, and social justice advocacy, as well as her own personal experiences has continued to fuel her passion for helping and healing humans thrive. Michelle enjoys working with people experiencing daily challenges accompanied by human development and phase of life transitions. She helps people discover purpose and meaning in their everyday lives despite enduring dark and difficult times. Michelle provides an emotionally safe environment empowering others to shed light on their own insights into healing, recovery and self-discovery. In addition, she deeply understands the nuances of culture and diversity and has a collaborative approach that tailors to everyone’s specific needs and background. Michelle’s approach is warm, strengths-based, person-centered, and trauma informed, which she believes is the foundation of fostering a positive experience for clients as they begin their journey of transformation. Her goal with every client is to create an authentic healing atmosphere of camaraderie and joy.


In her spare time, Michelle explores new places and spaces in every corner of the world. She enjoys art fairs, music festivals, and farmer's markets in southern California and beyond. Michelle loves meeting new people and is fascinated by unique cultures that expand her heart, mind, and soul. To fuel her inner creativity and practice solid self-care she travels, shops, takes in the Pacific Ocean air, and fulfills her very earnest duty as a foodie.

Feel free to reach out to Michelle at to inquire about availability and appointment times. 



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